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Guardian Families

Guardian families

Our guardian home program is a win, win, win for the dogs, for the families and for J&B Doodles. Guardian families are very special people selected to raise very special puppies.  The dogs in our guardian program are the cream of the crop, the pick of their litter, and prospective parents to awesome puppies within our breeding program.  We select high quality, genetically sound puppies and place them in loving homes (at no charge to the guardian families).  We ask the guardian family to raise the puppy as their own.  Guardian families partner with us to ensure the dogs are happy, safe and well taken care of as puppies, young adults and for years after they have been retired from their breeding career. Guardian dogs remain the property of J&B Doodles during their breeding career.  Upon retirement, ownership is transferred to the guardian family.  

Here are some expectations of guardian families:

  • feed high quality dog food as recommended by J&B Doodles 
  • provide a secure, fenced yard
  • communicate with the breeder in a timely manner
  • live within 1 hour of breeder
  • bring dog to breeder or vet clinic as needed for health testing and reproductive purposes, including whelping puppies
  • teach puppy basic obedience
  • provide routine, breed specific grooming
  • guardians may own no other in tact dogs

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a guardian family, please fill out the guardian family application.

FAQ's about Guardian Homes

We maintain strict standards for puppies/dog in our guardian family program. We do our best to ensure the guardian family and puppy are the right fit for each other. We strive to have a great working relationship with each guardian family.  Our guardian family contract clearly outlines expectations, requirements and many other details about the program not covered here.   

What are the costs of having a guardian dog? 

Dogs in our guardian program are placed, at no charge, with their family.  J&B Doodles covers all reproductive related expenses (blood work, pre/post natal supplements, health and genetic testing, reproductive vet bills) and annual visits/shots with our veterinarian.  Guardian families are responsible for the day to day costs of owning a dog (grooming, food we recommend, heart worm/flea tick prevention, obedience training).  Vet care is provided by the Millard Vet Clinics and Hillcrest Animal Clinic.  We provide a 30 day free trial of Trupanion pet insurance. Guardians may opt to continue that coverage to help with any unexpected expenses.

Why become a guardian family?

For some, the cost of a well bred puppy may be prohibitive.  With our guardian program, there is no upfront out of pocket expense to purchase the puppy. You are guaranteed the pick of the litter and you get lifetime support from us!

How much time will the guardian dog be away from home?

Males are usually only needed for a couple of days at a time.  Females are generally with us for 1-2 weeks while they are in season for blood testing and breeding.  They come back to us for approximately 7 weeks to settle in and whelp their puppies then stay until the pups are weaned.  Guardian families are welcome to visit their furbaby while they are in our care.

**J&B Doodles reserves the right to refuse guardian family status to anyone for any reason**

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